Below are code snippets for the various operating systems I worked with. All C# articles are created by myself, if an article is created by another developer his/her name is mentioned.

Visual Studio C# .NET - Created using Micrsoft Visual Developer Studio
Article C0001 C0001: Special Folders, old school and current generation solutions
Article C0002 C0002: Window Management, using a class with unmanaged code
Article C0003 C0003: Generic, just an array of a struct
Article C0004 C0004: Temporary Files folder
Article C0005 C0005: Legacy Local and Global Groups
Article C0006 C0006: ListView essentials
Article C0007 C0007: Talking LDAP
Article C0008 C0008: String.Split() / String.Format()
Article C0009 C0009: String comparison
Article C0010 C0010: Improved ListView ColumnSort
Article C0011 C0011: Embedded Resource(s)
Article C0012 C0012: SQL Server as ASP.NET Authentication Provider
Article C0013 C0013: SQL Server as ASP.NET Role Provider
Article C0014 C0014: The RibbonBand
Delphi Delphi - Object Oriented Pascal
Article B0001 B0001: Create colored lines within a TListBox component
Article B0002 B0002: Create an editable TListBox
Article B0003 B0003: Iterate through MDI-forms
Article B0004 B0004: Add Bitmaps into a ListBox
Metrowerks C/C++ - Created using MetroWerks CodeWarrior 9 for Palm OS
Article P0001 P0001: Sending text to the local MemoPad application
Article P0002 P0002: Create a string containing the current date and time
Article P0003 P0003: Programmatically launch another application
General General - Various useful information
Article G0001 G0001: Virtual PC shortcut keys
Article G0002 G0002: Remote Desktop Connection/Terminal Server Connection shortcut keys
Article G0003 G0003: VMware shortcut keys
Article G0004 G0004: JavaScript Snippets
Article G0005 G0005: Visual Studio 2013 shortcut keys