This page is my landingszone when I'm on Hearthstone. I use this page to keep track of my current streak. Furthermore, this page contains a summary with basic Hearthstone information that I keep in mind running ranked.

Statistics: <none>

RankTitleNoRewardDust value
LegendSea Giant's Treasure 53 golden commons, 1 golden epic, card back 550
1..52 golden commons, 1 golden epic, 25 dust, card back535
2..52 golden commons, 1 golden epic, 20 dust, card back520
3..52 golden commons, 1 golden epic, 15 dust, card back515
4..52 golden commons, 1 golden epic, 10 dust, card back510
5..52 golden commons, 1 golden epic, 5 dust, card back505
6Ogre Magi's Stash52 golden commons, 1 golden rare, 25 dust, card back225
7..52 golden commons, 1 golden rare, 20 dust, card back220
8..52 golden commons, 1 golden rare, 15 dust, card back215
9..52 golden commons, 1 golden rare, 10 dust, card back210
10..52 golden commons, 1 golden rare, 5 dust, card back205
11Guardian's Chest41 golden common, 1 golden rare, 25 dust, card back175
12..41 golden common, 1 golden rare, 20 dust, card back170
13..41 golden common, 1 golden rare, 15 dust, card back165
14..41 golden common, 1 golden rare, 10 dust, card back160
15..41 golden common, 1 golden rare, 5 dust, card back155
16Shieldbearer's Footlocker31 golden common, 25 dust, card back75
17..31 golden common, 20 dust, card back70
18..31 golden common, 15 dust, card back65
19..31 golden common, 10 dust, card back60
20..31 golden common, 5 dust, card back55

In the previous table, No stands for the number of rewards received at this rank. The following table contains the soulbound cards that you receive by leveling your Hero's.

Level Druid Hunter Mage Paladin Priest Rogue Shaman Warlock Warrior
15 & 20 Healing Touch Tracking Arcane Intellect Holy Light Mind Blast Sinister Strike Ancestral Healing Sacrificial Pact Heroic Strike
23 & 26 Wild Growth Timber Wolf Frost Nova Hand of Protection Holy Smite< Vanish Windfury Dread Infernal Charge
28 & 30 Mark of the Wild Houndmaster Arcane Explosion< Humility Divine Spirit Fan of Knives Totemic Might Soulfire Shield Block
32 & 34 Claw Arcane Shot Arcane Missiles Hammer of Wrath Mind Vision Assassin's Blade Frost Shock Corruption Whirlwind
36 & 38 Innervate Multi-Shot Mirror Image Light's Justice Shadow Word: Pain Backstab Rockbiter Weapon Voidwalker Warsong Commander
40 & 42 Moonfire Hunter's Mark Frostbolt Truesilver Champion Northshire Cleric Sap Bloodlust Succubus Cleave
43 & 44 Savage Roar Tundra Rhino 44 & 46:
Consecration Shadow Word: Death Deadly Poison Flametongue Totem Mortal Coil 44 & 46:
Kor'kron Elite
45 & 46 Starfire Animal Companion Blessing of Might Holy Nova Shiv Windspeaker Drain Life
47 & 48 Swipe Starving Buzzard Polymorph Guardian of Kings Power Word: Shield Assassinate Hex Shadow Bolt Execute
49 & 50 Ironbark Protector Kill Command Water Elemental Blessing of Kings Mind Control Sprint Fire Elemental Hellfire Fiery War Axe
51 & 52 Oasis Snapjaw Core Hound Flamestrike Stormpike Commando Murloc Raider War Golem Magma Rager Boulderfist Ogre Arcanite Reaper
53 & 54 Nightblade Stonetusk Boar Dragonling Mechanic Bluegill Warrior Shattered Sun Cleric Murloc Tidehunter Frostwolf Warlord Grimscale Oracle Silverback Patriarch
55 & 56 River Crocolisk Razorfen Hunter Ironforge Rifleman Stormwind Knight Darkscale Healer Voodoo Doctor Booty Bay Bodyguard Ogre Magi Chillwind Yeti
57 & 58 Elven Archer Bloodfen Raptor Archmage Goldshire Footman Gnomish Inventor Acidic Swamp Ooze Frostwolf Grunt Gurubashi Berserker Raid Leader
59 & 60 Novice Engineer Ironfur Grizzly Dalaran Mage Stormwind Champion Lord of the Arena Sen'jin Shieldmasta Reckless Rocketeer Kobold Geomancer Wolfrider

After Patch 4.2, the Hearthstone Collection Manager has been improved and allows you to search for cards using numeric values. The following table contains examples of the keywords attack, health, mana and owned. It also contains the regular search keywords.

Keyword         Description
Numeric search keywords
attack:1 Find cards with an attack value of 1
health:7+ Find cards with a health value of 7 or greater
mana:5- Find cards with a mana cost of 5 or less
attack:3-5 Find only cards with an attack value between 3 and 5, inclusive
owned:1 Find only cards that you own a single copy of
Regular search keywords
extra Show all cards that you have more than 2 copies of
rare Show rare cards only
epic Show epic cards only
legendary Show legendary cards only
golden Show golden cards only
missing Show any cards you don't have, make sure you're in Card Crafting mode
(Can be done by using the owned:0 numeric search keyword as well)
new Show any New cards in your collection

These tags can be combined by using a space charakter as seperator. So minions with 3-attack and 3-health can be found using the following search tag: attack:3 health:3. The same counts for the regular search keyword. You can show all your golden epic cards by using the following search tag: golden epic. Keep in mind thats you search filter in the game interface will also apply and will also limit your search results. If you have selected the [4] button and are looking for mana:2, no results will be returned!