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Hi, my name is Edward Willemsen and I've created this site to share some of my programs, documents and knowledge with you. I'm working in IT for quite a while now and through the years I've created some e-books, freeware, shareware and made to measure software.

The software is created for the Microsoft Windows and PalmPilot operating systems. I've placed all my non-commercial software and e-books on this site. For several releases the source code is added as well. The programs are written in C++, Delphi or C#. For most of the utilities online manuals are available.

The development area also shares source code snippets, some created by me and some created by other coders. All software, sources, e-books and other stuff found on this site can be used freely and/or may be distributed in any desired way.

About my book
Unlock AD DS using { C# .NET }  Unlock AD DS using { C# .NET }
 Develop the key to unlocking active directory and unleash its full potential 

 EAN (ISBN) 9789072389220
 Pages 680
 Language English
 Publisher Books4Brains

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This book is a practical programmers guide that explains how to unlock Active Directory Domain Services using C#. With the knowledge provided in this book, you will be able to create an application or a self-made Microsoft Management Console which can provision and de-provision, migrate, report and manage the directory in general, and much more.

It requires a basic understanding of the following subjects: Microsoft Active Directory Domain Services, C# and Microsoft .NET Framework. This book covers Microsoft Windows 2000 Server, Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Microsoft Windows Server 2008 (R2) and Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Active Directory Domain Services.

  Samples with source code that are based on information from the book (including free eBook)

About my game
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